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Over a career spanning four decades, Darlene Davison has shaped the interiors of iconic landmarks and historic homes throughout St. Louis. But don’t call her a decorator. As Director of the Interior Design program at Maryville University, Darlene uses a tasty analogy to differentiate the role of the interior designer. “I tell my students they’ve […]

What serving on SDI’s UDS7 Steering Committee means to Clancy Olsen

For Clancy Olsen, member of the Universal Design Summit 7 (UDS7) Steering Committee, a profound experience as an undergrad set the stage for a promising career in architecture. Gina Hilberry, for whom he now works for at Cohen Hilberry Architects,…

November Creates Physical and Digital Design for and About Everyone

For digital accessibility expert November Champion, the simple willingness to say YES when others would not, transformed a job into a purpose-driven mission, both personal and professional in nature. At the time, November worked in product…

Marcus Adrian Incorporates Universal Design to Level the Playing Field for all Levels of Human Ability

Kids who demonstrate an innate understanding of geometry, sketching precise blueprints and building elaborate structures from LEGO are often the ones nudged toward careers in architecture and design by the adults around them. After his father…

Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy Jess Dashner Improves Access through Universal Design

The medical profession beckoned to Jess Dashner from a very young age, although which discipline to pursue wasn’t immediately clear. A life-altering family emergency ultimately helped her reach a decision. A high school student at the time,…

Profound Impact of Greg Turner’s Experiential Universal Design Inspirations

As a fledgling architect only a couple of years removed from graduate school, Greg Turner suddenly found himself at the helm of a large-scale project, a massive undertaking that would indelibly change countless lives, his own included. Prior…

Jim de Jong sees the creation of an accessible community for all in Universal Design

Jim de Jong didn’t see the oncoming jeep until it crested the hill right in front of him. By then, it was far too late. The impact sent him airborne before violently depositing him on the pavement, snapping his femur and breaking nine ribs.…