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Here’s some of what you can expect at Universal Design 7!

The Sky’s the Limit: Inclusive Design for Airports

Acting as small cities, airports manage a complex transportation network, miles of interior circulation, and multiple secure access zones every hour of every day. In this session, presenters will discuss the many applications of universal design within the airport environment, the organizational and regulatory factors to consider during design implementation, and the economic benefits of inclusivity.

Digital Accessibility: Why It Matters and Who It Impacts

Digital experiences and devices are how we live today – working, entertainment, even ordering our groceries online. But what happens when you have a disability and use a computer with different software and settings? This session will explain how people with disabilities use digital experiences and devices. We’ll talk to two Assistive Technology users about experiences that bring them joy and where they can’t get the digital front door.

Designing for Maximum Engagement

Student success is a universal goal of education. In an era when interdisciplinary collaborative learning is the norm, children with developmental needs are increasingly left behind. Educators work hard to close this gap, but they are often restricted by the environment. How can design help maximize access to learning opportunities for all students? This presentation documents the design process, which led to the development of tools to better anticipate, measure, and address social and sensory risk factors in the classroom.

Demystifying Accessibility Requirements and Universal Design Opportunities for Housing

Housing design and construction in the U.S. are regulated by many federal, state, and local standards and codes intended to ensure that people with disabilities have equal access to all types of living environments. But which regulations apply to which type of housing can be confusing. We will explore universal design features and methods that elevate housing design by creating inclusive environments that are usable by people with and without disabilities in the same way.

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